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Adapter - Woken Technology provide all kinds of 50ohm,750hm RF Coaxial Adapter.Our Coaxial Adapter including SMA,N,MMCX,BNC,TNC,SMB,SMP,SSMA,,SSMB,2.4mm,2.92mm,3.5mm,1.85mm,7/16,APC-7(7mm),QMA,AMB,BMA,CMJ,CMP,SCMJ,SCMP,I-PEX,F,IEC,RCA Connection.Adapter Frequency can up to 65GHz.You can chose in series or between series type of Adapter form our website.What we can offer including straight,right angle,swept right angle,2hole or 4hole flang type.Connectors material can be gold,nickel or stainless.

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WOKEN_Adapter_18GHz 50Ω SMA(M)/Stainless-SMA(F)/Nickel 2Hole Spring Adapter
Brand : Woken
Part NO. : 00600A1A2N301G
Description : 18GHz 50Ω SMA(M)/Stainless-SMA(F)/Nickel 2Hole Spring Adapter
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Stock Qty : 70
Territory : Worldwide
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