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Taiwan/Mainland China/Hong Kong Area
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Date Title / Brief Application
2016-09-30 65GHz 1.85mm 射頻同軸轉接頭/高頻測試線/

In Series and Between Series Adapter/High Frequency Testing Cable/Gain Horn Antenna
Common Parts
2016-09-22 各頻段6Way,8Way,16Way Power Divider
Common Parts
2016-09-13 沃肯科技祝大家中秋佳節快樂!
Common Parts
2016-09-09 3.5mm and N 型網儀校正件 Calibration Kits
包含 Load, Open,Short, Phase Equal Adapter
Common Parts
2016-09-01 沃肯科技推出兩款測試利器:開關矩陣(Switch Matrix)
Common Parts
2017-06-15 沃肯6GHz FAKRA SMB 汽車射頻連接器,轉接頭
Common Parts
2016-08-18 沃肯提供R&S SMA100A 信號產生器(Signal Generator)搭配使用測試零組件
Frequency options form 9KHz to 3GHz/6GHz
Common Parts
2016-08-11 沃肯提供R&S SMB-B140 信號產生器(Signal Generator)搭配使用測試零組件
SMB-B140/SMB-B140L/SMB-B140N Frequency Range:100KHz~40GHz
Common Parts
2016-08-04 沃肯提供R&S FSL18 頻譜分析儀(Signal and Spectrum Analyzer)搭配使用測試零組件

FSL18 Frequency Range:9KHz~18GHz

Supported Technologies:★3GPP HSPA,★WiMAX,★CDMA2000/1xEV-DO

Common Parts
2016-07-28 沃肯提供R&S FSV40 頻譜分析儀(Signal and Spectrum Analyzer)搭配使用測試零組件

FSV40 Frequency Range:10Hz~40GHz

Supported Technologies:★WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p/n/ac,



Common Parts
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